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Scientific Thinking

Scientific Thinking
My Article with title “Scientific Thinking” has been published third time in a another magazine NetMag. This magazine is available in Pakistan, Unites States of America and United Arab Emirates.By the way, this very article has won 2nd prize in all over Pakistan Essay Writing competition

* Sorry guys, I wrote this article back in 1996 when I was in 10th grade 😀 so apologize for any mistakes in sentence composition. I am putting it here as it is.

Scientific Thinking

It is necessary to acquaint one-self with the basic terms of science for the complete understanding of scientific thinking.

Science means organized, co-ordinate and comprehensive knowledge based upon observation of a particular branch of universe. Scientific thinking depends upon five terms i.e.

  1. Organized
  2. Co-ordinate
  3. Comprehensive
  4. The particular branch of universe
  5. Observations of realities

The meaning of organized information is such information which is gathered on one particular topic and under one discourse. Incomplete information can not be accommodated in science. So every information should be sequential, logical and whole-some, otherwise it is bound to be considered out of science.

The term ‘Comprehensive’ demands that the scientific information should not be incomplete, imperfect, defective or weak in any respect. It should provide true, complete and perfect knowledge about the topics under consideration.

By the term ‘Particular Branch of Universe’, we mean hat any topic of science should refer only to particular branch of universe. For example “Physics” just tell us about matter and its properties. Botany only gives us information about plants. Zoology simply refers to animals and Astronomy has its own particular field. Research in any field enhances the scope of knowledge.

The term ‘Observation of realities’ means that all observations made should fall in the frame work of laws of nature. Scientific observations have no place for professional wishes of anyone or any religion.

Any information leading to something away from reality cannot be accepted.

Through all the branches of science appear to be quite different from one another yet all of them lead to some fundamental realities depending upon laws of nature. Research made in any particular branch of science is a basic key of scientific thinking. It is through scientific thinking that we have reached this modern age.

Islam is not against scientific. Even the holy Quraan advises its followers to search more and more, discover more and more, unearth and unveil the hidden realities and treasures of this universe. It is repeatedly said in Quraan that scholars are those who look into secrets of nature, discover them and exploit the same for the benefit of mankind.

Again the Quraan says that those who do not listen to its message are deaf, dumb and blind. We should pause for a moment here and think. There are two courses before us to follow. According to the Quraanic guidance, we should follow the course of scientific thinking and we’ll be called Scholars, or we would be treated as blind, dumb and deaf.


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0 thoughts on “Scientific Thinking
  • kamran.khan says:

    by the way, it was not publicity. I would welcome you all to tell me about Scientific Thinking

    So what is Scientific Thinking?

  • kamran.khan says:

    sitwat, i would like you to please elaborate your point. i agree but its like faith… i don’t really have sound enlargements to prove it.

  • kamran.khan says:

    sitwat, i would like you to please elaborate your point. i agree but its like faith… i don’t really have sound arguments to prove it.

  • kamran.khan says:

    but my question remains there sitwat,

    Scientific Thinking is actually the Islamic Approach of living only if we are willing to spend our lives
    creative, constructive and
    beneficial for all creatures.

    How would you justify the above stated thought

  • Ihtesham Rana says:

    Scientific Thinking is brainstorming.

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