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  • T K says:

    You are free only when You make your decisions. It seems easy, but consider:

    * You were raised by your parents who had their beliefs. They teached you as best as they could. (they say that a child is a mirror of its family), so how can you be free if you are influenced by your parents.
    * You have prejudice when somebody is wearing black clothes and listens to metal. You may think that he/she’s depressed and probably from some bad family. (But actually he/she’s the happiest person you’ve ever met)
    * You fear anything.

    how can you be free when your decisions are influenced by your prejudice?
    how can you be free when you eliminate the decisions you fear?

    If you really want to be free, understand all the things that have influence on you. I’m not yet free, but I will be !

  • Vasudevan N says:

    Freedome…..for what…
    what is your purpose?
    to become free…?
    from where?
    my purpose is to become a slave of society
    to donate something to it.

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