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Heat Vs Cold

Why is it HEAT energy which travels … and not COLD? I mean, we say that heat is moving out of room, out of tea cup… but why don’t we say that… COLD is entering in room n so on? Oh, I am dumb… but sure enough, there are intelligent people out there… This post […]

Matter can be converted to energy but vice versa?

Matter can be converted to energy but vice versa? Matter can be converted in to energy but I wonder if vice versa is possible? meaning there by Energy Can be converted to Matter… If you think No the my question is: Matter got vanished/destroyed? resulting a failure to theory… Or If you say Energy Can […]

Newton's Laws of Motion

Well guys nisha asked me if we can put ideas about any topic so the answer is YES! So i am putting my theory about Newton laws of motion. I strongly disagree with thrice the laws of motion. why? i got proof. I changed my ideology back in 2000 when I was in F.Sc and […]

Time is relative? Everything is Relative!

Time is relative? Everything is Relative I am afraid this will take me time to explain. What i want to say is that every single phenomenon in this world is relative. Those who know what relativity of time means will be able to batter understand me. Apply the same concept to everything. Doesn’t it seem […]