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EA Server

EA server JVM memory enhancement configuration

Close the running App server interface application. Right click on My Computer and select “Properties”. Go to “Advance” tab and Click “Environment Variables” button.   Find “SYB_HEAP_SIZE” variable from System Variables Section.   Select the variable and Click “Delete” button. Run App Server Interface Application. Run EA Server Manager and connect with running server.   […]

Corrupt Connectsions

Is it possible that some of the connections (at EA Server) in the connection pool are corrupt for some reason, so when the application try to use these connections to execute SQL, the error of invalid handle will be thrown? This post was viewed (48) times.

Default number of connections in the connection pool?

Connection pool of EA Server , by default,  is set to 30 and we at NetSol are using default properties in most of implementations. This post was viewed (29) times.

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