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September, 2012

The Energy Bus – Weekend Read!

Dear All, As individuals we all face highs and lows in life. Everybody is bound to face challenges at one point or another, but the real test is how we deal with them. The weekend read for this week is a book report on ‘The Energy Bus’ by Jon Gordon -one of the most inspiring books […]

Projector Philips bSure SV2 with 6000 hrs life

I am selling my Multimedia Projector Philips bSure SV2 with 6000 hrs life with screen. The resolution capacity of projector is 25 x 25 (sq. ft) – The screen size is 6×6 though. Sharp colors, 6000 hours total life (less than 50 hours are used – can be verified from internal chip)   I am […]

A+ve blood required at Services Hospital

A+ve blood group is required urgently in Services Hospital. Anyone willing to donate, please contact at following numbers: 0333-6847955 0300-4009001   – This post was viewed (56) times.

Nokia – 2330 Classic for sale

I am out to sell Nokia 2330 Classic Simple and Economical hand set. Perfect condition (dust clip on charger slot is missing) The one I am selling is blackish brown color, reasonable condition (8 out of 10). Negotiable price; complete accessories including headphones, charger etc.   Contact: 03214014654 – Price: Rs. 1999 (or make an […]

QMobile – E900 touch screen for sale

I am out to sell my Q-Mobile E900 The one I am selling is white color, with all 5 fashion jackets (back covers) excellent condition. Negotiable price; complete accessories including headphones, USB/switch charger, 2 GB memory card and box.   Contact: 03214014654 – Price: Rs. 2500 Final   QMobile E900 specifications: Dual SIM Card-Dual Standby […]

Cultus ’07 [efi] for Sale

  Hey guys, the first post of its type. I am selling my car and would welcome serious buyers to contact me. Here are particulars: Suzuki Cultus, model 2007 VXR(I) EFI engine (Japanese) Genuine Book Silver color, fair condition, Total genuine Total Genuine. Perfect Mileage (200 Km in 1 cylinder) I recently reached 160 Km […]

Deadlock Detection (SQL Server)

Trace flags are used to temporarily set specific server characteristics or to switch off a particular behavior, with negligible over head on SQL Server. Database Deadlocks can easily be logged and rectified with the help of simple illustrated steps described in this document.   How to Methodology Summary: Trace flags would be set enabled on […]

How Full is Your Bucket?

Dear All,   This week we have selected for you, a brief summary of a book titled ‘How Full is Your Bucket’, by Tom Rath and Donald Clifton. Every piece that is sent out for you to read is not only chosen for you to develop a  habit of reading, but it is also expected that […]

8 Qualities of Remarkable Employees

Dear All, In continuation of our endeavor to promote a culture of reading and intellectual growth, this week another interesting piece has been selected for you to read. The ‘8 Qualities of Remarkable Employees’ is an article that talks about qualities that we, as employees and professionals should strive to inculcate within ourselves. Read on […]

Correlation candidates in LoadRunner

There are not more than 4 candidates you look for in your scripts for correlation: session, state, time and business process data These are the mandatory ones, if you miss any of these, either your script not produce realistic load (resulting in imprecise analysis/stats) or your script will simply fail. This post was viewed (54) […]

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