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A+ve blood required at Services Hospital

A+ve blood group is required urgently in Services Hospital. Anyone willing to donate, please contact at following numbers: 0333-6847955 0300-4009001   – This post was viewed (57) times.

Welcome to CHROMIUM !

Welcome to Techiest blog everwhich is there right for you. This blog is aimed to keep all techies like you, to get to know each other more, talk, share, stay in touch and when you leave, you leave your glow. All techies out there are welcome to join this blog and feel free to post. […]

Celebrating 3 years of Chrome web hosting

Chrome Technologies is celebrating 3rd birthday of Web Hosting Service. Get 10% discount on all new orders. Offer valid for next 2 months, hurry. This post was viewed (1046) times. launched

Designed using D/HTML and flash, where necessary. Gives an appearance matched to the audience of the target industry. The website required a lot of graphics work on images provided by customer which was resulted by high expert of Photoshop, Fireworks and Flash. This post was viewed (4) times.