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download slides: Load Testing using HP LoadRunner 11 – by Kamran Khan

Here is a link to download my slides of HP LoadRunner 11 Download HP LoadRunner 11 slides I’d welcome comments/feedback from all of you on my slides. I shall be thankful to you if you can help me improve. :::: This post was viewed (118) times.

Correlation candidates in LoadRunner

There are not more than 4 candidates you look for in your scripts for correlation: session, state, time and business process data These are the mandatory ones, if you miss any of these, either your script not produce realistic load (resulting in imprecise analysis/stats) or your script will simply fail. This post was viewed (55) […]

Finding text string in response by LoadRunner

Sometimes, when you wish to find particular text string on a screen through code (without ending up in script failure in case of not-found) here is what you can do: 1. Use Savecount in Web_Reg_find web_reg_find(“Text=my string on Web Tours”, save count = rc1, LAST); // by now you are total number of occurrences in […]

IP Spoofing in LoadRunner Controller

Sometimes, your application works based on client IP. For example a public survey will require unique IP – it will deny multiple requests from single client IP. How would you load test such an application with 1000 Virtual Users in LoadRunner? IP Spoofing caters such situations. It sends requests to application from various client IPs […]

Combining non-standard protocols in a single script that are not listed in Multi-Protocol selection

There is a nice thread out there. check it out: This post was viewed (35) times.

Performance Targets and Indicators

Hi Mates.. Need your input on one thing. One of our customer is referring to NetSol “performance testing plan” and “performance target and indicator”. Can you please help to understand his requirements from NetSol and do we have any template for Performance Plan and Performance targets.. This post was viewed (62) times.

VUGen in LoadRunner

The Virtual User Generator (VuGen) is used to simulate the steps of real human users. VuGen can also run scripts for debugging. VuGen lets the user record and/or script a test to be performed against an application under test, and play back and make modifications to the script as needed, such as defining Parameterization (selecting […]

LoadRunner 11.3 for WCF in .Net 4.0

LR 11.3 supports scripting for .net 4.0 application using WCF and WPF? I know WPF has nothing to do with client/server communication and thus with performance. But since a user interacts with application with interface so I am mentioning it. This post was viewed (49) times.

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Welcome to Techiest blog everwhich is there right for you. This blog is aimed to keep all techies like you, to get to know each other more, talk, share, stay in touch and when you leave, you leave your glow. All techies out there are welcome to join this blog and feel free to post. […]