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0 thoughts on “Choices
  • Doel sengupta says:

    You may have a hundred different things mangled up in your brain , but you are what you are when you choose to do what you do and that’s what you will be in the eyes of the World…

  • KIr@n KHAn says:

    i fink i got u to some extent plz tell me den…..i fink wateva u wanna do u do dat n nuifin of watelse u r told by da oder ppl is it like dis?

  • kamran.khan says:

    hey dan… that makes sense…

    i have got time to see my community after a long time and its really pleasant to see that you still contribute!!!

  • Joe Antarrior says:


    I liked your answer because it has some reasoning. I, during my various bouts with people have found that a very large extent of them, have anthropocentric beliefs. The belief that Man is the center of the Universe.

    I say, how more wrong can they be? We, humans, are every bit as dumb as the animals that we consider dumb. No, I am not saying that the art, music and literature and all other aesthetic things that we have created are not intelligent works. But look who we are comparing it with. The apes and monkeys. Yes, we are smarter than them. By probably a 100 times more, maybe. But we do not look at the dumb aspects because we cant (there is nothing to compare our brains with).

    We, super human intelligent beings continously destroy ourselves by polluting the world around us, by creating tools of magnified destruction, by genocides so that one particular region of the globe can be proud of their nation.

  • Ihtesham Rana says:

    Doel, yes and making choices choosing careful choices is the best choice to choose.

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