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First graphical Web Browser – NCSA Mosaic – March 1993

The first graphical Web browser to become truly popular was Marc Andresen and Jamie Zawinski’s NCSA Mosaic. It was the first browser made available for Window’s, Mac and Unix X windows System with the first version appearing in March 1993 This post was viewed (204) times.

First Smiley in 1979 by Kevin McKenzi

The first smiley appeared in 1979, when Kevin McKenzie tried to express his emotions by electronic means. First it look like this -) Three years later, Scott Fahlman added a colon : -) and it took the form we are used to. This post was viewed (205) times.

Every 8th couple meets over Internet

Today, every 8th couple has met through the Internet. Did you find your soul mate yet? This post was viewed (121) times.

The world without Google

The actual name of Google was Goggle. It’s just that the first client signed a cheque stating Google instead. He sure was unaware this was beginning of a history. Now Google is not just a name of company, but a dictionary word as well. Go check google, or else you can google for it! Within […]

How much space facebook has?

facebook has over 6 million page views per minute. 37.4 Trillion every year. 2.5 Billion images are uploaded to facebook each month. Need more space? Checkout our exciting packages for personal hosting or rush for a dedicated cloud server. This post was viewed (124) times.

What users do with Mobile internet?

What are Mobile users surfing? 16% Entertainment 10% Information 13% financial & Banking 34% Prepay Services 05% purchasing games and shopping This post was viewed (13) times.

Bombarded with SPAM?

247 Billion emails are sent every day. 90 Trillion emails are sent every year. 81% are spam. And you complain you get all the spam? 200 Billion spam emails EVERYDAY. How much share do you get? Check our spam policy. This post was viewed (138) times.

How BIG is the internet?

Google estimates the internet to be about 5 Million Tera Bytes of data. Which is 5 Billion GB or 5 Trillion MB. This means, using an estimate of 5 TB per human brain, it would take a million human brains to store the internet. More than 1 Billion DVD required of 1TB capacity each to […]