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Weekend Read

The Energy Bus – Weekend Read!

Dear All, As individuals we all face highs and lows in life. Everybody is bound to face challenges at one point or another, but the real test is how we deal with them. The weekend read for this week is a book report on ‘The Energy Bus’ by Jon Gordon -one of the most inspiring books […]

How Full is Your Bucket?

Dear All,   This week we have selected for you, a brief summary of a book titled ‘How Full is Your Bucket’, by Tom Rath and Donald Clifton. Every piece that is sent out for you to read is not only chosen for you to develop a  habit of reading, but it is also expected that […]

8 Qualities of Remarkable Employees

Dear All, In continuation of our endeavor to promote a culture of reading and intellectual growth, this week another interesting piece has been selected for you to read. The ‘8 Qualities of Remarkable Employees’ is an article that talks about qualities that we, as employees and professionals should strive to inculcate within ourselves. Read on […]

Who Moved My Cheese?

Who Moved My Cheese? This is a summary of a very interesting story titled ‘Who Moved My Cheese’ by Spencer Johnson. This book is a simple parable that tells an amusing story of 4 characters who live in a maze and look for cheese to nourish them and make them happy. They represent the way […]

Checklist – The Last Ten Nights and Days of Ramadan…

In this blessed month of Ramadan, we have now come to the grand finale – the last ten days of Ramadan that are even more blessed than the rest of Ramadan. In it is a night that Quran tells us is better than 1000 months (yes, months – not days).   The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of […]

Multi-tasking: Time Saver or Time Waster?

All too often, multitasking is promoted as an efficient way to meet the complex demands of our modern society and accomplish more in the same amount of time.  Have you ever attempted to work on a document, however, while cruising the Internet or talking on the phone? You don’t accomplish much, and time mysteriously disappears. […]

Tips to Succeeding as a Team Player

Dear Colleagues,   Effective team work is essential for the success of any organization as a team can accomplish much more in less time through collaborative effort than an individual can on his/her own. Being a good team player is an art and you must attempt to conquer this art to attain excellence. One must […]

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho – Summary

Dear Colleagues, Reading books is a great way to nourish your mind and soul. Reading a good book enhances your imagination and also provides you with a great deal of knowledge. Due to our busy schedules, we often have to forego the pleasure of reading a good book and are not able to rejuvenate our […]

Father and Son

Dear Colleagues, Father’s Day provides us with the opportunity to express gratitude to our fathers for their unconditional love and affection. We must commemorate and acknowledge the role that our fathers play in our lives. Throughout our lives, our fathers work extremely hard to provide us with a better future and father’s day gives us […]

Ways to Improve Your Interpersonal Skills

Dear All, We at NetSol believe that our employees are our most valuable assets and in an attempt to keep you refreshed as well as inspired, HCD has taken the initiative to introduce the “Weekend Read”.  We encourage you all to take some time out of your busy schedules and read the material sent to […]

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