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May, 2005

The complex structure of our life……

hey members…. From a past few months, u know, i have started feeling something about my life…like the meaning of our life..why we and only we are here on this earth at this point of time on our planet earth.So i kinda think that there’s a lot to our life than the normal perspective of […]

Matter can be converted to energy but vice versa?

Matter can be converted to energy but vice versa? Matter can be converted in to energy but I wonder if vice versa is possible? meaning there by Energy Can be converted to Matter… If you think No the my question is: Matter got vanished/destroyed? resulting a failure to theory… Or If you say Energy Can […]

Bulla, who am I?

Who am I? y do u wanna know? Na main moman vich maseetan – I am no believer in mosque Na main vich kufar dian reetan – I have no pagan ways Na main pakan vich paleetan – I am not pure amongst vile Na maen andar ved kitaab aan – I do not have […]

Artificial Intelligance connecteing to Human Mind

Well the idea came from my class fellow when he asked the same question to Prof. Dr. Shahis Naveed who was the first Ph.D in A.I from Pakistan. I got just so much interested that i am putting it here. so the question is: (for those who knows a bit of A.I.) Is it possible […]

Newton's Laws of Motion

Well guys nisha asked me if we can put ideas about any topic so the answer is YES! So i am putting my theory about Newton laws of motion. I strongly disagree with thrice the laws of motion. why? i got proof. I changed my ideology back in 2000 when I was in F.Sc and […]

.Net vs Object Based Programming Environment

A lot has been said for this topic but i wanted to quote my opinion. I firmly believe that .NET platform is not going to last long. .NET might be good for huge, enterprise level organization but it’s of no good at small companies. Rather this is a hassle to software clients. A huge number […]