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Gas molecules r random .. r dey really ?

Gas molecules r random .. r dey really ?
As we all know that molecules of gas are in da state of perfect random motion .. but i believe dat dheir motion pattren is so complex to predict dat we believe its random …
All electronic devices are based on the basis two signals ON or OFF (1 or 2) … man has successfull in creating the diff frequencies and pattrens of this 2 unit basic signal to create the most complex signals … and the result is in front of u ….
wht if dis 2 unit signal will change to 3 unit or 4 unit or higher .. can we speed up our machines then .. by creating more complex signals …and speedy too …
if one can predict the motion pattren an if one can control the motion randomness of gas … it can be accomplished … wht do ya people say … ? i might be wrong .. but its just an hypothesis ..

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