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What is the sense of life?

Posted by Alexey Ivatchev – see below

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  • Alexey Ivatchev says:

    What is the sense of life ?
    Many times I asked myself this question… There are many answers, but I think that they are incorrect.

    For example: many people think that the sense of life is to grow children and build a house. Why not? Because this is also animals purpose, but people is not animals…

    I think that MY sense of life is “to do something useful for all of people, to simplify their hard life in this world, and build way for creation more useful things…”

    P.S. Dying upright is better than living on knees ! (Sorry, don’t understand who tell this.)

  • Andre Martins says:

    … we should conform ourselves to the following possibility: life might NOT have any meaning.

    Animal species compete on this planet. What for? Well, there might not be “what for”. The essential things are what they are, no matter what we think. Maybe our eternal quest for the “meaning of life” is… meaningless.

    By the way: well, in the end, people ARE animals.

  • Alexey Ivatchev says:

    People can’t live without purpose. They asked “Why ?”, “For what ?”…
    They trying to find meaning in all!

    Yes, people are animals, but animals with consciousness. They are very far from animals!

    P.S. You can be an animal, if you want…

  • Andre Martins says:

    … you are right, we are not animals: perhaps we are VIRUSES, Mr. Anderson…

  • Alexey Ivatchev says:

    Animals, viruses… you can call us how you like 🙂 But our feelings, and our meaning remains the same !

    P.S. Make conclusions.

  • Camila Pinto says:

    That´s when “God” comes. The “belief” is something that pulls forward the humanity; actually, no one can be sure if God exists, as well if “I” exist.
    But, the faith is something unmaterial, yet real. depends on What you believe in, it can be a “sense” or not.
    Everybody have its “gods”. I´m not talking about a strange Nature force; I´m saying that men have to see something/somebody as “superior”: this enable him to have the will of being better.
    Even if your “god” is another human, you will want to be better. Animals don´t have this kind of thinking; yet humans are animals too.
    Actually, I think that this possibility of knowing we have/don´t have a purpose for our lives can be a bless, yet a curse.
    Animals are happy.

  • Alexey Ivatchev says:

    “God”…. Some people choose one of religions, some of them are atheists, some of them think that “God” is the center of universe…
    The sense of many people is to find the God “inside”.
    I don’t know how about others. but I can’t live without purpose. My purpose shows me the ways of the future.
    If you say. that you have not the purpose, I’ll say that you’re lying.
    Yes, animals are happy, but not always.
    They also feel pain, cold, hunger…

  • Alexey Ivatchev says:

    No, I don’t think so. The stone on the road also exists… So what ? We’re like this stone ?
    And when you die, your body, and then your bones also exists, but without you. With no consciousness.

  • Camila Pinto says:

    Why do the animal understand the meaning of death, and we don´t? maybe it just understands one of the many meanings. An animal tries to stay alive, but if it fails so, he knows that his body, even without consciousness, will be part of someone else´s body. somewhat, he is still “existing”. But, what is the meaning of their lives? To be alive? If is that so, why does the sense of “sacrifice” exists in Nature, in humanity AND animals?
    Maybe there´s something greater. I believe that a life has no purpose if you´re not able to be part of nature, not able to do something to the Whole.
    All the beings have different purposes; maybe the humanity´s is TO FIND its meaning of life…

  • Alexey Ivatchev says:

    Animals must survive. It’s a part of “genetic program”. People also must survive, but they also have consciousness, that’s why they can behave irregularly. People can kill each other without necessity, and can give life for others. The world of animals is simple, and the world of people is chaotic and crazy.

  • Ali Osama Ashraf says:

    there is no spoon
    The sense is that there is no sense….btw this is how u spell senSe.

  • Space Monkey !!! says:

    An animal is a simple creation, with only few lines of code


    while (not_dead)

    For humans, as Neo said THE PROBLEM IS CHOICE

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