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A problem…

Posted by Tafakkur Ahmad – see below

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  • Tafakkur Ahmad says:

    A problem…
    every parent has a problem that his/her child does not obey him/her.

    do you have a solution for this problem?

  • Alexey Ivatchev says:

    give children freedom
    Give your children freedom with some correct advice. After they do something wrong, they analyze it, and understand that you’re right.

  • kamran.khan says:

    I agree to Alexey, in addition i would rather recommend to keep them afraid of stick/rod but remember once you hit them and they see how it taste to be beaten, they wont give it a damn the next time.

  • Joe Antarrior says:

    This is a bit long
    I once stuck this huge world map on the newly painted wall of my room. After some time, I tore it off from the wall and the paint came along with it bringing an ugly white amidst a serene blue. I was scared stiff and I tried to hide my ugly mistake.

    My mom, inevitably discovered it, called in my father. But here’s how they treated it. They looked at the wall and they were clearly upset. But then my dad shrugged his shoulders and said, “It happens.” And my mom said, “Yea, But son, don’t worry about we shouting at you. We do that sometimes when we are a bit angry. That doesnt make us love you less. We are willing to pardon your every mistake so long as you let us know you made one.”

    There are more emotional overtones in the above story – a scared, defensive, guilty soul who was prepared for the heavy rod. When I heard their reaction, I began to think, I can tell my parents anything. Till today, I have. When I boozed first time, I told my dad that I did and he advised me not to have too much cos that would really ruin my health. And you know what, its tough
    to resist not to listen to your parents when they treat you like that. Especially when I come from this Moslem family where alchohol is prohibited.

    Of course, the final outcome is how you decide it. Do you want your son/daughter to lead your life? Or do you want them to lead their life their own way but with an advantage of knowing the mistakes and lessons his/her parents made on the way

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