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Time is relative? Everything is Relative!

Time is relative? Everything is Relative
I am afraid this will take me time to explain. What i want to say is that every single phenomenon in this world is relative. Those who know what relativity of time means will be able to batter understand me.

Apply the same concept to everything. Doesn’t it seem correct?

Temperature, Time, Size, Volume, Thrust, Pressure, Sound…. everything… isn’t it?

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11 thoughts on “Time is relative? Everything is Relative!
  • kamran.khan says:

    world? cheema saa’b ! you have shaken my concept

  • kamran.khan says:

    i like philosophy too. could you please elaborate?
    world is relative… howcome?

  • kamran.khan says:

    my my my…
    lovely response from Chaitanya
    its opening so many doors of thoughts to me.


  • Vasudevan N says:

    with respect to a particular frame everything is relative except,
    there are some relationship between relative properties or measurements in a frame. this relationship is not relative.
    Einstein prove that, even though the mass and energy are relative, between them, there is a relationship which is not relative. just like c is the maximum velocity.
    In terms of philosophy, the world is relative but there is something common.
    if two person look at an object from two point of view, their perspective may different. but there is a transformation from one perspective to other. If one event occur w.r.t. one frame then there is corresponding event in other frame. it is similar to the concept of god w.r.t. different religion.

  • Vasudevan N says:

    Ok, may be all three.
    But still anything which are not relative? some connectivity between all relative property? some common base to measure relative quantity?

  • 明日香 ... says:

    Lets bring this back to life.
    I think everything IS relative.
    Consider the cosmic scale and nothing but relative existence of physical dimensions would be clear.
    That leaves time but as Mr Albert stated and as proven in a certain particle accelerator experiment using half life… that too is relative as a frame of reference.
    Absolute relationships, if in existence would be limited in their span of existence. Moreover an Absolute relationship is essentially a relative relationship with 0 relativity.

  • SHERRY ....... says:

    itss time to enjoy your self

  • markos poulakis says:

    There are many speculations about time! But one is sure, we are getting older! Could you relate this observation to the fact of the entropy??

  • markos poulakis says:

    Could time run in both directions, or time is running to the direction of getting older? If time starts from a deep hole in the continuum of the entropy, we could imagine a linear return back of the time!

  • markos poulakis says:

    Is there a possibility that time may be a vector? If not why??

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