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.Net vs Object Based Programming Environment

A lot has been said for this topic but i wanted to quote my opinion. I firmly believe that .NET platform is not going to last long. .NET might be good for huge, enterprise level organization but it’s of no good at small companies. Rather this is a hassle to software clients. A huge number of files and this and that is needed to be installed (though .NET itself claim to be “an end to the dll hell”

On the other hand, object based programming and modeling is much flexible and secure enough to support encapsulation. You can use Objects and create your own objects, define your on classes, types, etc. After all all you need is fast, flexible, secure and bug free programming which leads to correct output. .NET makes it slower and slower with a high speed computer requirements, both on programmer side as well as for clients. Whats the benefit after all? Language independency? does it worth it?

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  • kamran.khan says:

    well i think i have the last words in comparison so that’s why none is replying to it 🙁

  • Alexey Ivatchev says:

    Your post is old, but I want to talk about .NET 🙂
    Our organization make products on COM technology, but now we’re moving to .NET (C# .NET).
    I think, that this is technology of future. You’re right small products MUST installs with the Framework, but now on new MS Windows systems (XP, Vista) it’s included. Also the capacity of hard drives grows up, and Framework is not so big – this is one more argument 🙂

    What about other features ? There are many articles that shows .NET features.

    I try to start C# community, but with no experience and help it’s hard. If you interested – visit

  • kamran.khan says:

    I feel so happy to see someone responding to it as this was the first force and also the driving force to this community.

    I believe if all the features (libraries) are provided in any COM language like VB 6 then we don’t really need .NET

    Wouldn’t it be great to have Object based tools and technologies? so the objects and classes are there to be used but not enforced

    how about that?

    Thank you once again for participating in this board since none ever was bothering 🙂

  • Alexey Ivatchev says:

    But .NET has many features, such as power version control and extended class inheritance.
    I think. that Microsoft will develop .NET, and at last .NET will kill COM.
    Time will show us what’s better.

    P.S. Thanks for join my community, but I think that this can’t help it 🙁

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