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VUGen in LoadRunner

The Virtual User Generator (VuGen) is used to simulate the steps of real human users. VuGen can also run scripts for debugging. VuGen lets the user record and/or script a test to be performed against an application under test, and play back and make modifications to the script as needed, such as defining Parameterization (selecting data for keyword-driven testing).

HP LoadRunner supports more than 51 protocols including Web HTTP/HTTPS, Remote Terminal Emulator, Oracle and Web Services. A protocol acts as a communication medium between a client and a server. LoadRunner can record scripts in both single and multi-protocol modes.

During recording, VuGen records a tester’s actions by routing data through a proxy. The type of proxy depends upon the protocol being used and affects the resulting script. For some protocols, various recording modes are available to further refine the resulting script. When recording web activity, HP LoadRunner allows a user to choose one of three types of recording modes: GUI based, URL based and HTML based.

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