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Performance Targets and Indicators

Hi Mates..

Need your input on one thing. One of our customer is referring to NetSol “performance testing plan” and “performance target and indicator”. Can you please help to understand his requirements from NetSol and do we have any template for Performance Plan and Performance targets..

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One thought on “Performance Targets and Indicators
  • Kamran Khan says:

    NetSol currently uses the same test plan template for performance as well as functional testing. In fact, performance testing is a plugin of overall test plan.

    Regarding performance target and indicator, we need clarification. A target could be an SLA shot by client or could be NetSol projection. Currently we do not maintain projections for upcoming years.

    Regarding performance indicators, we establish baseline hardware for all tiers of application. For example, web/app/db layers. After that, we monitor following indicators/resources:
    Processors, RAM, Disk I/O for thrice layers.
    Memory leakage, transaction response time, time to first buffer, users simulation, IIS (or other application server), DB server resource utilization, top queries, SPs with maximum time slice.

    There could be more depending upon situation and application. You can ask client for further clarification on performance indicators.

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