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Artificial Intelligance connecteing to Human Mind

Well the idea came from my class fellow when he asked the same question to Prof. Dr. Shahis Naveed who was the first Ph.D in A.I from Pakistan.

I got just so much interested that i am putting it here. so the question is: (for those who knows a bit of A.I.)

Is it possible to connect a human mind to an Artifical Intelligent Agent so that we can make use of fast speed of computer and decision making skills of human? This way we can have all the plus points of human and that of computer, integrated.

So guys any idea? I will put his answer later.

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0 thoughts on “Artificial Intelligance connecteing to Human Mind
  • Harris Rashid says:

    AI based on making computers as intelligent human brains…

    You can ASK ,” Artificial intelligence can replace human brains”?

    Coz. the purpose of AI is to make computers Artificially Intelligent with the help of knowledge base (human brain)

  • Jeevan P .V says:

    Putting aside the technology involved in making such a ‘connection’, there needs to be an ‘interface’ between the computer and the human. In my opinion, such an interface would either slow down the data reaching the human mind, or give too much data for the human mind to handle.
    Now that I think of it, we already have such ‘connections’. Suppose you want to decide whether or not to buy a book. What do you do? You look for reviews/ratings for the book on the net or in the local library system, you absorb the results you get and you make a decision. The decision made is more ‘rational’ than one that would have been made without the data you got, but whether the decision-making-speed was more or not is debatable.
    Here the factors that slowed down the human were – (1)The internet or the library system (the interface) and (2) The human eye and conscious mind.
    Making a ‘direct connection’ between a computer system and a human is, at present, beyond the scope of my thinking!
    IMHO when you come to AI systems, you wouldn’t need the human part – the AI agent would be able to make its own decisions – like Harris says, the computer would be ‘intelligent’ enough to do that.

    Acronyms used: IMHO-In My Humble Opinion
    AI-Artificial Intelligence

  • kamran.khan says:

    no Harris… my question is not
    Artificial intelligence can replace human brains”?

    I want A.I agents to be connected to human brains so as a faster and accurate and more precise decision making. Connected means connected. It will not and can not ever replace human mind. Seen matrix? Well they connect a human with a machine with which a A.I agent software works at some sort of software level. That was a connection. That’s what it means and that’s what I want.

    I am yet left with putting my professor’s answer. will do it soon…

  • kamran.khan says:

    hey Jeevan

    We are least concerned about the data transference rate as the theory or technology is at RND phase.

    And decision is supposed to be taken by the Intelligent computer and not by human. isn’t it what we are looking for? We want computer to be able to make decision so obviously data is to be transferred from human mind to computer and not from computer to human. We will see the results in some sort of report may be? or automated robot working on it?

    will wait for your opinion…

  • kamran.khan says:

    I had a nice reply to the topic which was sent as private message. I would like to quote here…

    Hi Kamran.

    If you are a religious man, then how come is that you don’t believe in us –
    humans. How can you even bring out such thoughts as giving the free will away
    from humans ? If you don’t chose on your own, then you’re a slave!
    You can’t make anyone learn anything that they are not yet ready to learn. So
    you can’t make choices for other people – they need to make their own choices to
    learn in life! These are not humans any more, if you give away their free will!
    And who is the one to tell that one choice is better than the other ? Who’s
    going to program such Intelligence ?
    Don’t you believe in yourself at all? I believe that if my will is strong
    enough then I can fly physically! I believe that I can make other people think. I believe that life is just great! I believe that I will never be a slave more than I am now. Every day on I will be more free. And one day I REALLY AM FREE

    That’s my statement that I couldn’t post in your community, because I just
    don’t want to join.

    All the best…
    …See further than religions… See the GOD itself!
    …I believe in you.

    …Taavi from Estonia

    This message was sent by Taavi K to Kamran.

    To see Taavi’s profile click:

  • kamran.khan says:

    is this the end??? what do we conclude by far?

  • Vikas Patel says:

    I agree with vasudevan… As far as i know, Artificial intelligence (AI) attempts to mimic the human intelligence, and presently it can no way match the intellectual capabilities of the human brain…
    As told by David Cohn…while computers can beat the world’s best chess players, we still can’t get them to think even like a 4-year-old.
    Therefore, presently it is meaningless to connect an AI system to the human brain(if possible)…Computers presently are only good at iterative computation, and solving problems which can be quantifiable…AI is still said to be in its infancy

  • Mahesh Patil says:

    super robot and super human

    AI artificial intelligence and human thinking power are inter related its true by AI we are trying to mimic our thinking power to machines…… turn they are making our barin super strong by giving us information ….our mind is greatest computer ever built or will be built ……..we are having systems which learn from previous cases and becoming more decisive than before ……… it leads to the debate of famous sci fi fantacies like “war between man and machines “… future machines will get human intelligence ….its a reality but humans will…….also become much intelligent then now they are …….as they will have lotz of valuable information in there minds ………..we can see it practically as all the coming generations are more intelligent there ancestors and much more intelligent they know much better about world …

    In a nutshell …….AI and human brain both are interrelated and helping each other to grow ……If we have possibility of a Super computer having brain ………then we also have possibility of having a Super human …..who will control and use all the super intelligent machines…………

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