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What is Love?

What is Love? Please I dont want you to repeat what has already been said. Say something rational or may be scientific if you like. No emotional comments.

Looking forward for your contribution.

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  • Random Digits says:

    Love is gravity. As gravity attracts and helps organize the units of matter love helps attract and organize units of people. If you are intrigued I could go on.

  • Anonymous says:

    what should i do?
    i love someone, she is too young to me. we both are in love and she said she doesnt love me at all and it was all flirt.

    now today, she said she was lying last night and actually she just came to know that she got stomach cancer diagnosed.

    Now what does my ration brain should do? should i love her? marry her? or what? considering she got only 2 months as per doctors say. her mother got Hepatitis C.

    i probably just wanted to share all this. i probably dont need comments 🙁

  • kamran.khan says:

    IT seems to be a wonderful topic going on. Though I initially thought this community to serve for scientific topics but its good to have such social aspects too.

    By the way, who holds the credit? anonymous?

  • Ali Hasnain says:

    luv itself is nothing it is a mere word that may givin meaning to a lot of things if added as a suffix or a prefix….

  • kamran.khan says:

    very well said Ali!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    dont you all community member think that being in love is such a bloody fucking bull shit thing one can ever have?
    I will post this same comment in sensitivity and love thread; as i am in love and i know love has made me so sensitive about my love. i hate when my love gets friendship invitations and get calls. i hate anyone else to talk to my love.
    though my love… huh had been asking me to stop making friends and getting call.
    i am posting this here caus i have gone a psycho and want your help.

  • kamran.khan says:

    you are right Kanwal

  • Vasudevan N says:

    Love is in the emotional level.
    It may balance the others(emotion) in the same level.
    I think it is the purpose of love.
    Love, it is the concentration of empathy to any thing(anyone).
    What is humanity?
    Every one thinks,do.. according to the same nature, ‘selfishness’.
    Humanity is that the ability to feel every human as his part like his body, his friend, his family, or simply he.
    and he can do selfishness by considering all others are himself.
    Yes Humanity is the ability to consider all others are he itself.
    Love is the specialization of humanity towards anyone(someone).
    Or Humanity is the generalization of Love to everyone.

  • kamran.khan says:

    Don’t really know if I am right or not, I am going to try to explain what I think about the over used word “Love”.
    We usually confuse the concept because this single word is representing multiple phenomenons. So it will be better to start this way:
    Whenever we talk about love, we usually target SINGLES in our mind. This means we usually think about a boy (thinking that he) loves a girl; or a girl (thinking that she) loves a boy. I will use the words LOVE’ for this in order to explicitly make it clear that it holds a different meaning.

    Difference between Love, Lust and Sex

    How far is lust from love?
    are they distinct? i mean … love and lust are 2 separate things or the same?

    To be more specific, let’s take the love of a boyfriend and girlfriend (and not love of mother, sister, father, uncle or any other)

    If someone believes that true love exists in human… (they think in very few situations, true love may happen); this posting is for you.

    Ask to yourself…. “lust is not there in love?”

    Say out a wild answer; yes or no? Does true love has lust or not?

    if you say yes, then ask yourself further….
    Lust n Love are one and the same thing?
    Yes or no?
    let me rephrase
    We cant separate love from lust…. true or false?

    (for those who don’t understand lust, lust includes.. touch…quest to hug.. kiss squeeze.. sex… merging into 1 )
    If your answer is NO…. then I will say u never had been into love for 100% sure
    I have good understanding of this philosophy … LOVE (I believe) and I believe that true love CAN NOT BE SEPARATED from LUST – NEVER EVER
    I have very good understanding of love and this is my favorite topic if being discussed seriously

    Now come to motherly love…

    Ask yourself… Do you find lust in motherly love?
    I will come to it later again
    My stance is that love n lust r same (inter related)… these cant be separated

    I am having rush of thoughts right now.

    in case of motherly love; u have lust in the form of kiss… hug… touch
    A child WILL DIE 100 % surely if not kissed or hugged or touched; as evident from history (experiments are there)

    in simple words, when do u see lust separated from love?? guess?
    There is only one form/type of love which doesn’t reflect any lust as impurity.


    all the rest are lust n love

    put any examples to yourself other than Divinity and I will tell u the lust in it
    so that’s why a husband n wife have a different relation…
    to me.. sex is the height of love…. this is the maximum love a partner can share
    Allah… is beyond this. The only love where u don’t see lust, no touch, no kiss no hug,
    but yet you look for it… when u love Allah to your most
    u wanna see Him … first of all
    then wanna touch…
    think about how he looks like
    admire him
    touch him
    but …. He is beyond lust
    the only love beyond lust
    I m being more specific
    Love n lust r same thing… except in case of divine love
    There is another philosophy but a bit difficult to digest.

    now I believe as u have reached 10th grade (metric certificate) of love
    lets go for 12th grade level of love studies (lovology)
    now come to this.. Now I am saying……….
    There is NO Love – Love DOES NOT exist

    Love doesn’t exist… everything is lust. May you call it “liking” or may call it “strong liking”
    Or may call it “very strong liking” or… may call it “lust”
    I believe it’s true
    but behold.. its my opinion / philosophy. If you think that love exists somewhere… you are not wrong, but tell me where? so where is love?
    Now u think one can have strong liking but not love?
    You are absolutely correct
    But remember there is no LOVE but divine love

    if you say are now thinking that the last phase of linking is love… then you need to try to understand and grasp this concept

    there is no love – but divinity

    what you call love in normal routine … is just liking with lust
    if you are still confused, try to visualize this in 2 entities
    one is divinity… and second is ……
    divinity is the ONLY example of love
    rest is just liking n nothing more
    rest may / may not include lust
    now .. its fine if you are saying that divinity has its own place.. its suprior to all … u cant compare this
    but, remember, u can only explain light when someone knows darkness
    i am not really comparing love of normal life (liking n lust) with divinity
    but I have to tell u how it means to be dark.. so u will understand what is brightness
    (Here if you think lust is our demand/ desire/ need)
    again my theory..Everything is Relative
    if u really love someone… u mean u love Allah
    if u love some human.. beware its liking… and u want lust
    u first need to be clear between the two
    so from now to on, we will call love to be divine love
    rest is liking
    or strong liking
    or human love (merely liking)
    them remember its only in case of love of Allah, and there is no 2nd exception
    if u have any other example then show me?
    Take a case, if i really like someone (because its liking and as said earlier) may or may not include lust
    what is that liking?
    Q: How will u explain love? is there not any liking in that?
    Divinity and that’s it
    love includes liking but vice versa is not true
    other one is just liking
    strong liking
    very strong liking
    with a tich of lust or full of lust
    i gotta tell u a story which is a bit long but really worth hearing


    now try visualizing
    there was a man, he had none in his life…
    he came to know about an old knowledgeable man… a pious old person
    he went to that old man (baba ji)
    Baba ji used to live in a small 1 room home
    That room had only one door. It was so small room and had such a little door and in such a way that everyone had to bend and bow to get into the room.
    now visualize it..
    means u have to take a step down on some step first to get into that room. you cant go straight.
    Anyway. That man went to that Baba ji. At the door, he asked the Baba ji for permission to get into him little home so to discuss his problems

    Baba ji refused but asked him to talk while staying outside.
    He went like this…
    i m all alone in this world
    i got none to love me or whom i may love
    Baba ji asked if he have had anything in possession? He said no..
    Baba ji said think again
    he said he had a black weak un-fertile buffalo.
    Baba ji said… Go and love it. and come to me not before 1 year.

    The man went away…
    HE started caring for that buffalo and tried best to keep that animal pleased .He served him the best way he possibly could. He protected that animal from swear sunlight and everything coming to his mind. He also stopped using it for his own work.
    1 year passed by… and he though of Baba ji again.
    The same thing happened again … he asked for permission but Baba ji refused and asked him to say everything while standing out there.
    He told Baba ji about himself and then told him that its been 1 year and he really has loved that black weak ugly buffalo and now he really feels for it. He told him that he doesn’t use it for his work and cares for it instead. He further goes… “I feel like loving it now”
    Baba ji said “Go with your buffalo and LOVE it and come to me not before further 1 year ”
    He went again and again tried his best to further give that ugly buffalo. Which had gone pretty healthy by now. He did anything he could do. Possible or whatever.
    1 year passed by….(2 years by now)
    He went to Baba ji once
    Knock Knock,,…. he knocks at Baba ji door.
    He introduces himself again that its been 2 years now and he really loves that buffalo.
    Now I m back and I really really love my buffalo and I cant live without it. If someone touches this animal, I go crazy.
    And.. Baba ji said…
    “Go for your buffalo and love it and don’t come before further 1 year. ”
    The man left again.
    Time passed away and by now 3 years were gone that he was trying to love that black buffalo.
    The time passed in similar way, and he came back to Baba ji
    knock knock… Bbaba ji its me. Its been 3 years that I’m trying to love my buffalo.
    Baba ji asked him to come in side and said, “come in”
    and this time the man replied… “I can not come inside because my horns cant go through the door ”
    1s year it was liking which he though was love
    2nd year he was strongly liking his buffalo but wasn’t in love
    the last time he was in love….. which is not possible practically.. but .… only in case of divinity
    and this concept is known as????

    Fana- fi –Allah (no other love but divinity)
    i mean then that person has the strongest linking with that buffalo (bhains)
    that he start visualizing that bhains with himself

    fana = destroy / vanished gone to absolute 0 – to dwell into Allah

    to get urself LOST into Him, get transformed
    this is love
    rest is all ………………………?
    now u really think you ever loved someone? ever?
    for that, u gotta close ur eyes
    forget yourself
    spiral into ………………………. Allah.
    consider urself VANISHED

    Now for those who have mothers’ love in mind…

    A mother loves her child. Is it liking or love? The answer is … absolutely liking
    we live in 3 D world whereas we see only 2 D we believe we can have 6 D
    satins or shayateeen and angels can see 3 D but in fact there are infinity
    and where do we have infinity? —————–

    Answer is… .>> DIVINITY

    We r human…..can see more than 2 D when someone sees 3D it either is angle or Satan or a person having either angelic inspiration or satanic disguises.

    The End

  • Ashutosh Limaye says:

    …a way to collectively define all irrational things.

  • ●๋• Puneet Thakar ●๋• says:

    Feeling is mixture of Trust, Faith , attraction and understanding.
    Sometimes its one sided where other SUBJECT doen’t even know about it. As love can be for A Girl/Boy, a Car or even for work. Love can be for anything.
    AND IT”S wrong to say IT HAPPENS ONLY ONCE. lolz.

  • Anirudha khedkar says:


  • Ûžnce Upon a tyme ...... says:

    The seed of this universe.

  • Mahesh Patil says:

    …Love is a metaphor ………
    In my view ….we humans have tendency or we use metaphors for things which are not explainable …like we uses the words like luck or unluck when our psychology refuses to accept certain outcomes of a particular event ……other popular ….example is the word GOD ……….in my view its another metaphor used by people to get some mental strength when they are in trouble by means of praying to GOD…..
    or we put aside our all the worries …by saying like whats in our fate or what GOD has decided for us to do ………………But still it leads to lot of questions like …..then why creation results are unexpected ……….it again goes to the theory of chaos [chances]…..then what is chance it another metaphor use by us to answer complexities of events ………..

    In a nutshell when we feel for somebody in a unique way ….what we feel about that person … not explainable for us ………….then we use word love ……….love is a metaphor ……thats why we use … in different context ……so love is complex phenomenon or thing like ………god ,chance ,luck …..etc…

    Criticize my view ….let me know your view….

  • ganesh rajeswara rao says:

    love is relation between two souls………………….or of course soul to a thing/thought

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