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This is How one lives…

This is How one lives…
My heart has burnt, soul dejected
looked in the mirror, only body lives on

Ambitions hopless, desire strong
Wokeup next day, a dream lives on

Disheartened experiences, thousands of upsets
Ocean of compromises, just one love lives on

Life deserted, heart isolated
Detached in the darkness, a mother lives on

Devoted heart, caressed soul
A person,a freind, a father lives on

Egoistic souls, self centered hearts
Sitting at the corner, a son lives on

Fallen in love, a poetic soul
could she have returned, a verse lives on

Betrayed by a freind, supported by a stranger
Approving this fact, a struggle lives on

Past lives my heart, present on tongue
Forgetting that past, my heart breaks on

Burnt that pages, I wrote about you
Watching the ashes, my soul burns on

Helped me in vain, understood my pain
Path of mournful spikes, a freind lives on

Your going to help me, your going to return
Listening to this, my life lives on

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