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The Energy Bus – Weekend Read!

Dear All,

As individuals we all face highs and lows in life. Everybody is bound to face challenges at one point or another, but the real test is how we deal with them. The weekend read for this week is a book report on ‘The Energy Bus’ by Jon Gordon -one of the most inspiring books on how an individual can overcome negativity and venture towards optimism and a positive outlook and enjoy life to the fullest.Read on to find out how you can make it happen.

Have a great weekend!


Gordon hits home by creating a fictional fable of a disgruntled, closed off downer, George and the ride that will change his life forever, fueling it with positive energy. At the beginning of the tale, George believes the world is out to get him as he experiences a series of events that make him sink lower and lower into negativity and self pity. Starting the day with a flat tire, George immediately lashes out at life and his family. His continuous bad attitude is causing a rift in his relationship with his wife and children, which only serves to make his situation worse. Forced to take the bus in order to make an important meeting with his team, George reluctantly boards bus #11, where he meets the wonderfully bright bus driver accurately names Joy. Joy considers herself an “Energy Ambassador” and her mission is to give an energy boost to people like George who are “overstressed, overtired, and overworked.” She is blunt and insightful and believes everything happens for a reason. However, George’s first encounter with Joy does not sit well with him and he stubbornly rejects her advise with more negativity. As the day progresses things only get worse for George and he finds himself without a car for the next two weeks, his wife and boss both give him the same ultimatum “change or it’s over.”Desperate to hold the threads of his life together, he begins to open up, accepting the help from Joy and her “10 rules for the ride of your life.” Taking responsibility, George applies these rules to his life, successfully changing his team, his family and himself.

10 Rules for the Ride of Your Life

#1 “You’re the Driver of Your Bus.” – This is the most important rule: Take responsibility for your life. Take control.

“You don’t have to sit passively by like so many souls who let life create them. You can take the wheel and choose to create your life, one thought, one belief, one action, one choice at a time. It’s your bus and you’re the driver and you choose where you are going and the kind of ride it’s going to be.” – The Energy Bus, chapter 7.

#2 “Desire, Vision, and Focus Move Your Bus in the Right Direction” – Create your vision for your life by determining where you desire your bus to go. Then turn you vision into reality by focusing your thoughts on that vision.

#3 “Fuel Your Ride with Positive Energy” – A formula for life; Having  positive energy will allow you to experience a more positive life.

#4 “Invite People on Your Bus and Share Your Vision for the Road Ahead.”– The more people who join your bus the more positive energy you will have to fuel it.

#5 “Don’t Waste Your Energy on Those Who Don’t Get on Your Bus.” – Not everyone is going to want to get on your bus and you shouldn’t worry or try to force them on.

#6 “Post a Sign That Says No Energy Vampires Allowed on Your Bus.” – Don’t include negative people on your bus. Be strong enough to kick them off. Your team only has room for people united with your vision.

#7 “Enthusiasm Attracts More Passengers and Energizes Them During the Ride.” – Enthusiasm and positive thinking is contagious. Show enthusiasm for life and give your full heart to it. Become a “Chief Energy Officer,” someone who shares positive energy and “communicates from the heart.”

#8 “Love your Passengers” – Genuinely love and care for the people in your life this will inspire hard work and loyalty; it will keep them on your bus.

#9 “Drive with Purpose” – Focus on the bigger purpose and vision for life not on the the things/jobs that can get old after awhile. Giving purpose to our lives will keep life fresh and inspire us.

When you fuel up with purpose you find the excitement in the mundane, the passion in the everyday, and the extraordinary in the ordinary. Purpose is what life is all about. Every one’s out there trying to find their purpose when all you have to do is find the bigger purpose in the here and now and your purpose will find you.” – The Energy Bus, chapter 29.

#10 “Have Fun and Enjoy the Ride” – Live your life and enjoy every moment. Don’t stress about little things and don’t dwell on regrets.

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