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Travel to Selangor – Malaysia

I happen to visit Malaysia just now, October 2012, and I have to stay here or long – more importantly, on personal expense. So it was of utmost importance for me to find reasonably good accommodation which suits my life style as well as fits in my budget.

I got apartment at PJ8 Service Suits (Jalan Utara, Section 8, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia) through agent Charles Tan, you can contact or +60-17-6860993

I will try to share the pictures within same thread. So far, I can tell you that it would roughly cost you around RM 2500 per month. You will have to pay 2.5 months advance rent as security (refundable) and 1 month advance rent – and RM 300 for contract drafting and stamping, RM 100 for each access card (refundable)

And all the above is on  year contract. If you’re planning to stay for short period, you may have to stay at some hotel and they will cost you about RM 100 to RM 250 per day. Mostly having check in time to be 3 PM and check out time 12:01 PM

For apartment at PJ8 contact Ben Kam at +60-12-3053805

For apartment at PJ8 or Subang contact Jimmy at +60-16-5008660

For apartment at PJ8 contact Steve at +60-12-3338562

For apartment at Damansara contact Shirly at +60-16-6661782

For apartment at AmCorp contact Arthur at +60-10-2537658

For apartment at AmCorp contact Javec at +60-16-2388585

For apartment at Istara contact Heng at +60-17-9001993

For apartment at PJ8 and others, contact Liew at +60-14-2270307

For apartment at some other locations, contact Ms Gery at +60-12-2333380


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