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پروین شاکر – اپنے بیٹے کے لیے ایک نظم

اپنے بیٹے کے لیے ایک نظم مرے بچے نے پہلی بار اُٹھایا ہے قلم اور پوچھتا ہے کیا لکھوں ممّا؟ میں تجھ سے کیا کہوں بیٹے کہ اب سے برسوں پہلے یہ لمحہ جب مری ہستی میں آیا تھا تو میرے باپ نے مجھ کو سکھائے تھے محبت اور نیکی اور سچائی کے کلمے مرے […]

To our CHROMEIS Community and clients

To our #CHROMEIS Community and clients, As #coronavirus #pandemic (#COVID19) continues to impact every person, every nation and every business around the world, we find it important to share some steps CHROMEIS has taken to ensure the health and safety of our members and employees. Work-From-Home Policy Following official directives from the #Pakistan #government, we […]


First graphical Web Browser – NCSA Mosaic – March 1993

The first graphical Web browser to become truly popular was Marc Andresen and Jamie Zawinski’s NCSA Mosaic. It was the first browser made available for Window’s, Mac and Unix X windows System with the first version appearing in March 1993 This post was viewed (205) times.

Be Mobile-Friendly or get penalized – says Google

You use your mobile for browsing? You’re just like 1/3 of all web surfers today who use their mobile phones! That’s huge right?  Smartphones are much more sophisticated and vital need then ever before. Thus, having a mobile site isn’t as much of a luxury as it used to be 15 years back, rather its […] redesigned in 2014

Majid Ali Wajid & Co. is a law firm based in Lahore, Pakistan. MAW is among satisfied customers of CHROMEIS since 2006. This is 2nd time we’ve designed a new website from scratch for them. Back in 2006, Chrome Technologies was asked to design a low budget website within quick time frame. An economical website […] designed

ILAF is a group of future oriented Professionals who are aiming more towards stretching their roots towards series of moments to change the legal landscape in and across Pakistan. CHROMEIS takes pride to have designed the corporate website of ILAF. The idea behind was to create a modern looking, clean and crisp design where content […]

Most Expensive Domain Names

`Domain names are like real-estate on the internet. A new name could be registered for as low as US$ 10 but some domain names have gain extraordinary price in market. Let’s have a look at top 25 most expensive domains ever. Some of these domain are valued equal hence leading to a tie. 21. (tie) […]

Registering over one million domain names per month

Domain names are being registered at a global rate of more than one million names every month. Do you own one now? If not, register one today! This post was viewed (117) times.

First Smiley in 1979 by Kevin McKenzi

The first smiley appeared in 1979, when Kevin McKenzie tried to express his emotions by electronic means. First it look like this -) Three years later, Scott Fahlman added a colon : -) and it took the form we are used to. This post was viewed (209) times.

Every 8th couple meets over Internet

Today, every 8th couple has met through the Internet. Did you find your soul mate yet? This post was viewed (121) times.

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