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October, 2012

download slides: Quality Today

Here is a link to download my slides of QUALITY TODAY This presentation explains the new concept of “Quality” – this addresses quality in general and not specific to Software Quality alone. This will also answer critical questions like, why do we need quality? when do we need it? What is the cost of quality? […]

download slides: Load Testing using HP LoadRunner 11 – by Kamran Khan

Here is a link to download my slides of HP LoadRunner 11 Download HP LoadRunner 11 slides I’d welcome comments/feedback from all of you on my slides. I shall be thankful to you if you can help me improve. :::: This post was viewed (116) times.

Using JvisualVM for Monitoring Memory Utilization

Being QA Engineer it should be important to monitor the memory being utilized by the application. As I am working on a JAVA project, I will share with you how this can be done in tomcat server.   First of all make sure JMX Remote is enabled on Server. This can be done by adding […]

Types of Response Codes

Hi Everyone,   Being part of smartOCI team I thought to share with everyone how can one test a webservice where there is no UI involved, but to start with I will just explain the Response Codes here. Although there are different tools available out there, SOAPUI and HTTP Requester are the most popular. Currently […]

EA server JVM memory enhancement configuration

Close the running App server interface application. Right click on My Computer and select “Properties”. Go to “Advance” tab and Click “Environment Variables” button.   Find “SYB_HEAP_SIZE” variable from System Variables Section.   Select the variable and Click “Delete” button. Run App Server Interface Application. Run EA Server Manager and connect with running server.   […]

All,Please help to resolve that whenever I go to accept a friend request among you guys then a server unavailable message appears and browser gets blank.

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